Nature Never Closes - Sharing the Power of Plants

Nature Never Closes - Sharing the Power of Plants

Plants have the power to calm, heal, and inspire. Here at Seed Your Future, we proclaimed 2020 the Year of the Plant and we know the nation needs some of that #plantpower now! You are the key to spreading the power and inspiration.



We encourage you to share your own plant-passion with your family and friends in ways that keep you safe and healthy. Here's just a few ideas to lift spirits and provide encouragement and connection to nature's ability to boost physical and mental health.

  1. With many students home from school, and families seeking fun and interesting things to do, it's a great time to try our our free BLOOM! plant-focused online learning module. Developed with Scholastic, it includes video, a trivia game, a matching game to pair plants with the community challenge they can solve, and a dissection tool to teach key elements and functions of plants.
  2. It's an ideal time to start seeds for a new vegetable and flower garden. If you cannot access prepackaged seeds, learn how to start seeds from your grocery store produce.
  3. Trash cans overflowing with all the eating at home you're doing? Make space and start your own compost pile. You'll be amazed by the plant power!
  4. We know effective hand-washing is key to health. How about a fun project making your own plant-based soap?
  5. NatureNeverClosesBoyApple.jpgGo on a family plant hunt in your own backyard, balcony or even inside your house. Help kids identify plants - or things made from plants. They might be surprised at the plant power around them.

As passionate plant-people, we know you have great ideas too. Share them with us and we'll share them with the broader community.

Together, we can help more people delight in the wonder and power of plants.


Have a plant power idea to share, or a comment about this BLOG post?  Share your thoughts here.

- Susan E. Yoder, IOM is the executive director of Seed Your Future.