Horticulture STEM Careers

Embark on a green journey with us as we delve into the fascinating world of horticulture, where science, technology, engineering, and mathematics intersect to cultivate a future filled with growth and possibilities. With the financial support of Corteva Agriscience, Seed Your Future created these engaging videos to show students the presence of STEM in horticulture careers.

Matteo, Lead Technologist

Hear from Matteo, Lead Technologist at Corteva Agriscience, and how his work with plant propagation is important to multiple departments at Corteva!


Sarahlynne, Integrated Pest Management

Follow Sarahlynne, Senior Manager of Integrated Pest Management at Costa Farms. Learn how her background and knowledge allows her to be predictive instead of reactive to achieve sustainable practices.


Corey, Senior Assistant Superintendent

Learn from Corey, Senior Assistant Superintendent Lake Nona Golf & Country Club and how he worked his way across the country to where he is now!


Aly, Bio-Diversity Program Lead

Aly is the Bio-Diversity Program Lead at Corteva Agriscience, working with their sustainability team to protect nature and improve biodiversity. She knows her STEM background opens a lot of doors in the sustainability field.


Jon, Cell Biology Scientist

It feels like Jon's whole life has been leading to his current role as Cell Biology Scientist at Ball Horticultural Company. His love for collaboration shines through his work, reaching across many departments at Ball.


Nicole, Plant Pathologist

From a family of farmers to plant problem solver, Nicole is using her lifelong love of learning as a Plant Pathologist at Corteva Agriscience. Using the overlooked world of microscopic organisms, she’s helping future farmers around the globe!


Justin, Senior Brand Marketing Manager 

“It’s a wide-open door to do just about anything you want.” Justin always knew he wanted to do something with plants, now as the Senior Brand Marketing Manager at Costa Farms he’s able to communicate that passion to the wider world.



Ashleigh, Portfolio Supply Project Manager

Using her impact to fight world hunger every single day, Ashleigh works as a Portfolio Supply Project Manager at Corteva Agriscience. In our latest documentary series Ashleigh discusses the importance of having a mentor who can help you learn what you enjoy and where to go to have a successful future working with plants.



Danny, Agronomy Resource Manager

We follow Danny, an Agronomy Resource Manager at Corteva Agriscience, who leads their commercial drone program as well as their on-farm research trials. He knows that the green industry continues to be one of the most innovative ways to solve problems around the world.



Darius – Automation

Darius’s unique path from IT to Director of Automation Controls at Metrolina Greenhouses should inspire anyone . Learn how he uses his knowledge of programming, automation equipment, and PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) to achieve his company's goals!