Year of Plant Power

Here at Seed Your Future, we envision a world where everyone understands and values the importance of plants and the people who work in the art, science, technology, education and business of horticulture. To help us reach our goal, we're proclaiming 2021 the "Year of Plant Power."

Join Us By Pledging to Make 2021 Your Year of Plant Power (Link Here).

SYF_Join_Us_2021_YOPP.pngIn 2020, more people than ever before turned to plants to help calm, soothe, heal, nourish and inspire them during the ongoing global health crisis. They are learning that plants power so much of our lives. They nourish our bodies and our souls, they are used to create new medicines, they are important for building materials and clothing - and they are at the center of solving our planet's climate and environmental issues.

Throughout the year, we'll be posting ideas on how you can use the power of plants to improve your community and the lives of your family.  We'd love to hear your ideas as well.  Share them with us, and we might include them here.

Let's get started!

Here's some more ideas to harness the power of plants to lift spirits and provide encouragement and connection tthrough nature's ability to boost physical and mental health, solve environmental issues, and feed the world. (We'll be adding new ideas all year long!)

Powering Your Family

  1. Learn about the power of plants with our fun DIY plant-experiment videos you can do with your family or students - with only a few easy to find supplies. Topics include: dyeing your own clothes with plants, creating a plant maze with phototropism, growing new vegetables with kitchen scraps, growing plants with hydroponics, and more!  Check out all our DIY plant-experiment videos.
  2. Go on a family plant hunt in your own backyard, balcony or even inside your house. Help kids identify plants - or things made from plants. They might be surprised at the plant power around them. (Download a copy of our free indoor Family Plant Hunt and post your photos online with #PlantHunt.)
  3. With many students learning from home, and families seeking fun and interesting things to do, it's a great time to try our our free BLOOM! plant-focused online learning module. Developed with Scholastic, it includes video, a trivia game, a matching game to pair plants with the community challenge they can solve, and a dissection tool to teach key elements and functions of plants. Check out additional plant-based educational resources for at-home education from our partners:
    1. Fun at Home and Learning at Home Projects and Activities
    2. Longwood Gardens: Online Courses and Virtual Garden Tour
    3. National Environmental Education Association: Environmental Education At Home Activities and Educational Projects
    4. Nature Bridge: Outside Still Open At Home Activity Guide
    5. Scholastic: Learn at Home
  4. Grow your own food and flowers! If you cannot access prepackaged seeds, learn how to start seeds from your grocery store produce.
  5. Trash cans overflowing with all the eating at home you're doing? Make space and start your own compost pile. You'll be amazed by the plant power!
  6. We know effective hand-washing is key to health. How about a fun project making your own plant-based soap?
  7. For the entire year, for holidays, birthdays and anniversaries, give gifts of plants.
  8. Encourage your kids or other young people in your life to consider pursuing a career working with plants.  Show them our horticulture career exploration tool.
  9. Make houseplants the focus of the interior design of your home.
  10. Donate to the Seed Your Future movement so we can continue to promote horticulture and inspire more people to pursue careers working with plants.
  11. Take the pledge from Seed Your Future and declare 2021 your Year of Plant Power.

Powering Your Community

  1. Share your plant-passion by volunteering at your local community garden, youth organization, public garden, school, camp, garden club, nature center or park.
  2. Support local growers and farmers by purchasing flowers, fruits, vegetables and other plants from them.

Powering Your Work

  1. Fill your office or work space with plant power - they are proven to boost your mood!
  2. Take a walk during lunch or other breaks.  Soak in the plant power around you.  (Maintain all safety recommendations for your health and the health of the community.)

Have some cool ideas of how to make 2021 the Year of Plant Power? Tell us about them and we might share them here.