Seed Your Future has created our first campaign to promote horticulture and inspire interest in careers in horticulture. Our first audience is middle-schoolers. With BLOOM! we hope to inspire and educate youth about the power of plants in our world. Based on a foundation of research with middle-schoolers, their parents, their teachers, and their school counselors, we launched BLOOM! to build awareness of the field of horticulture and the rewarding careers it provides.

(And in case you're wondering, this is just our FIRST audience. Stay tuned for 2021 where we'll focus efforts on colleges and universities!)


is the movement to improve the world through the power of plants.

Tools and Resources for Adults Working with Youth

We all have the power to introduce youth to the world of horticulture and the critical role plants have in our lives. In partnership with Scholastic, we have a free toolkit of engaging and educational lesson plans and activities.

Access all lesson plans, activities and an online learning module at our Scholastic BLOOM! microsite.

Tools and Resources for the Horticulture Industry

Partners, horticulture employers, colleges and universities and others who work with youth need materials to help tell the story of the power of plants and green-collar careers. We've created new infographics, videos, and story-telling resources just for you.

Access our BLOOM! partner toolkit materials at our WeAreBLOOM partner page.

Want to see who your horticulture pros of the future will be and the innovation they will bring to the industry? Check out just a few of the ideas middle-schoolers submitted in our Plant-Mash Up Contest (Feel free to download and use!). They are our #FutureGreenCollar (Use this tag on your own photos on Instagram and Twitter)

Wondering about the "Find Your Plant Power"effort? Take the online quiz and find out your plant persona.

Plants to the Rescue! Plant Mash-up Contest

In Spring 2020, middle-schoolers across the country had the opportunity to flex their problem solving muscles by participating in our Plants to the Rescue! Plant Mash-up Contest with Scholastic. Students identified challenges in their communities and proposed their own unique plant-based solutions to those issues. The entries included an illustration and an essay describing the challenge and the proposed plant-based solution. Check out all of the winners and the honorable mentions in our Plants to the Rescue! Plant Mash-up Contest.

Videos and Cool Stuff for Middle-Schoolers

Our youth-centered website, features videos and other content to engage youth and help them understand their own personal plant power. Here's just one example of our fun new videos of young professionals at work in their horticulture jobs!