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About/What to Expect

Seed Your Future is seeking 30 high school science educators for an expenses-paid immersive professional development experience.  Plant science, horticulture, and floriculture offer fascinating, engaging, and relevant contexts for science teaching and learning. This immersive professional development experience is designed to support the modification of science lessons to align with the NGSS and inspire students with the power of plants.

Applications for the 2024 cohort are closed. Stay Updated!




Blended format including asynchronous learning, webinars, and an in-person event


Hands-on experiential learning with experts in plant science, horticulture and/or floriculture


Information about careers available to students in plants, plant science, horticulture and floriculture


Guidance and support from a team of science education facilitators


Collaboration & community with a diverse cohort of 30 high school science educators from across the nation


$500 travel stipend and up to 40 CEU credits for completing the program


Your own custom-modified lesson, and access to the lessons developed by fellow cohort members






Program Length: April – July

Key Dates & Locations

Program Kickoff (online) - Thursday, May 2, 2024

Webinar (online) - Thursday, May 16, 2024

In-Person Immersive Event (Indianapolis, Indiana) - June 2-6, 2024

Webinar (online) - Thursday, July 18, 2024

Lesson Modification Office Hours (online) - Thursday, July 25, 2024 



Meet the Facilitators

Angela Gulotta

Originally from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Angela went to DePaul University, in Chicago, for her BS in Biology and Secondary Education, and to the University of Scranton for her MA in Curriculum and Instruction. She and her husband, Nicholas, currently reside in Beloit, Wisconsin, with their daughter, Kitana. For 17 years, she worked to develop unique projects and training that makes a difference for students, teachers and other professionals through her work in the science classroom at the middle and high school levels. Having taught general science, biology, physics and engineering courses at many levels during her time in the classroom, she brings a wide array of science knowledge to her work. Additionally, Angela’s work on district initiatives, particularly those focused on development of curriculum, have made her a key asset on client projects to develop workable and worthwhile solutions.



Craig Rebich

As an educator to the core, Craig does not pass up opportunities to turnsomething into a learning experience. He's quick to answer questions with questions. It's more than a delay tactic; it's part of a rooted belief that inquiry is central to learning. Craig carried that belief with him during his four years as an agriculture science and biology teacher and two years as a curriculum specialist at the Indiana Department of Education. He has an undergraduate degree from Purdue University in Agriculture Education and Biology and a Master of Science in Management from Indiana Wesleyan University. As a Senior Learning Strategist, Craig spends much of his time leading projects and designing educational strategies and solutions in the NGSS space and with our science-focused clients. Craig rejuvenates by spending time in the great outdoors, usually camping, hiking, backpacking, kayaking, or fishing. He lives in southern Indiana with his wife and two children, a college junior and soon-to-be college freshman.




Erin Nessmith

Erin Nessmith is a seasoned formal and non-formal educator with a diverse background in the field of agriculture and education. Erin has dedicated her career to cultivating knowledge and fostering a love for learning. As a former agriculture teacher, she brought the subject to life through experiential learning, firmly believing that hands-on experiences enhance understanding and learning. Erin also spent three-years as a teacher educator at the university level, encouraging classroom teaching strategy diversification. A firm believer that everything can be learned if given the proper channels, support, encouragement, and connections, Erin is not only an advocate for knowledge acquisition but also for the holistic development of each learner. Erin will serve as the program coordinator for the Seed Your Future Professional Development experience and onsite facilitator.





Applications Close March 08. 

Participants will be notified of their selection in March. 


Do you have questions? We’ll be glad to answer them! Just send us a message at: [email protected].





Frequently Asked Questions

>  I don’t have experience with horticulture/floriculture. Does that mean I won’t qualify to participate? 

Previous knowledge or experience in the plant science, horticulture and/or floriculture industries is not required. Interest, curiosity, and enthusiasm for the science of plants is what we’re looking for! 

>  What exactly do you mean by “expenses paid”?

For the in-person immersive event, each participant can expect Hotel accommodations for 4 nights (single occupancy), meals during the event, transportation during the event in Indianapolis, and the provision of professional-development related supplies and resources. 

Each participant can also expect to receive a $500 reimbursement for approved travel expenses to the immersive event. Approved travel expenses include flight, mileage, car rental, and public transportation. Additional details will be provided to selected applicants 

>  What is expected of me if I am selected as a participant?

In all, selected participants will spend about 40 hours in training and professional development by: 

• Completing asynchronous training and exercises 

• Participating in the program kickoff and two, 1.5-hour webinars

• Traveling to and attending the 4-day, 3-night on-site immersive event in Indianapolis, Indiana

As a result of the experience, each participant will modify a lesson based on the experience, and implement that lesson with students within 1 year of the program conclusion

>  What do you mean by “modifying a lesson”?

Each participant will select an existing lesson they currently use or have used in the past with students to be modified according to these requirements:

• The modified lesson is NGSS-aligned meaning it is:

• Based on student-centered learning

• Incorporates at least two dimensions (SEPs, CCCs, DCIs)

• The lesson features the context of plant science, horticulture and/or floriculture

• The lesson is formatted to follow the standard template offered by Seed Your Future

>  What does it mean for science curriculum to be NGSS-Aligned?

NGSS Alignment is related to how students engage with content around at least two dimensions of NGSS (SEPs, DCIs, CCCs). In NGSS-aligned curricular experiences, students are the drivers of learning and engage in authentic sensemaking activities to demonstrate knowledge about science principles.



We recognize that not all states have fully adopted or implemented NGSS to date but want to emphasize the importance of learning through NGSS-aligned curriculum to engage with science content through meaningful and practical learning activities that are driven by their understanding and, to some degree, their interests.

The lesson that you will modify to become more NGSS-aligned should demonstrate the above learning principles and provide students with a robust experience with science content