The Seed Your Future movement was founded to address a critical issue in the horticulture industry - the lack of enough qualified candidates for all of the open jobs across the art, science, technology and business of plants.

BLOOM-Infographic.jpgEmployer Issues

Surveys and focus group conversations with horticulture industry employers identified the top concerns they face:

  • Skilled labor shortage; lack of industry leaders, well-trained workforce
  • Lack of funding and grants
  • Shrinking university programs; consolidation of degree programs
  • Lack of public awareness and understanding

Employer Recommendations

Employers recommended that Seed Your Future help solve the skilled labor shortage by:

  • Increasing awareness and understanding of the value of horticulture, perceptions of the industry can improve.
  • Focusing on the benefits of the industry
  • Making horticulturists more visible
  • Showing connections to science and technology

Employer Resources

Seed Your Future launched its first communications and marketing campaign to address these issues in April 2018. Called BLOOM! - the movement to improve the world through the power of plants. Included in the campaign are resources for employers and partners to help spread awareness of horticulture and the terrific jobs in the industry.

Download your own copy of The Surprising World of Horticulture Infographic.

Access the complete BLOOM! partner toolkit of resources on the BLOOM! microsite.