DIY Plant Project Videos and Instructions

Bring the exciting world of plants right into your home, classroom or virtual classroom.  Explore our plant-based DIY videos, then download the instructions and get started building your plant power today! 

Exploring Natural Dyeing with Vegetables

Use vegetables – like beets, parsley, spinach, carrot and red cabbage – to create tie-dyed clothing.

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Grow New Vegetables with Food Scraps

Grow your own vegetables with the scraps left over from your cooking.

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Create a Plant Maze using Phototropism

See phototropism - the movement of a plant in response to light - in action with a DIY plant maze.

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Growing Plants with Hydroponics

Grow plants with no soil needed! Make a hydroponic planter and see plants thrive in your own classroom or home.

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Filter Groundwater with Plants

Learn about phytoremediation and how plants help clean our groundwater.

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