Seed Your Future hosted a FREE webinar for teachers, students, and parents. During the one-hour webinar, participants had the opportunity to learn from three industry experts on STEM career pathways, opportunities in the plant industries for all skills and interests, and how we can connect your classroom and your students with a vast array of opportunities!

Hear from:

Dr. Ronda Hamm- Award winning informal education entrepreneur connecting her love for science and education through engaging people of all ages. Dr. Hamm is a leading woman in STEM and renowned entomologist!  

Broch Martindale- As the National Nursery and Greenhouse Strategic Manager, Broch combines he loves for plants with a focused work on integrated pest management and greenhouse technology for producers across the Americas!

Jazmin Albarran- As the Executive Director for Seed Your Future, Jazmin has an integral role connecting the plant industries to students, teachers, and classrooms. She is passionate about make an impact and doing good for the world- especially the plant world.



Bridging The Gap: Free Student Activity Sheet

Provide this activity sheet for students to complete while reviewing the webinar. Encourage students ‘Think, Pair, and Share’ their responses once they have completed the activity sheet. Access worksheet here.