Youth Planting Your Solution Ideas

Hundreds of middle-schoolers across the country had the opportunity to flex their problem-solving muscles by participating in our Spring 2019 Planting Your Solution Contest with Scholastic. Students identified environmental challenges in their communities and proposed their own unique plant-based solutions to those issues. The entries included an illustration and an essay describing the environmental challenge and the proposed plant-based solution. A Grand Prize Winner was selected in each of the contest’s three categories, and an additional Sweepstakes winner was drawn randomly from all entries.

There were so many excellent ideas submitted, we are highlighting some of the best. These students will be our next green collar professionals. They will be the horticulturists who will feed the world with food that is safe and nutritious; preserve native habitats; imagine landscapes and bring them to life; tend to landscapes that welcome us home and invite us outdoors to play; soothe and delight with flowers and foliage; inspire wonder and experiment; and ensure the future of our planet!