Plant Mash-Up Contest

Seed Your Future has created the Plant Mash-Up contest to inspire and educate middle schoolers about the power of plants.

SYF-Planat-MashUp-flyer.jpgStudents will think strategically as they imagine, describe, and draw. They combine two plants based on their properties to create a hybrid plant to solve an issue in their community. The contest gives children the opportunity to see themselves as problem-solvers, learn they can impact their community, and have fun with plants. The more we expose children to plants in different ways, the more likely they are to have a passion for a career working with plants.

Students in grades 6–8 will envision, draw, and describe their own hybrid plant to solve a challenge in their community.

Download the contest planner, entry form, and judging rubric to prep your students for success!

Deadline: March 7, 2022

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View our 2021 contest winners.