Plant Mash-Up Contest

mashUp-top-2023SYF-Plant-MashUp-2022-Example2.jpgSeed Your Future has created the Plant Mash-Up contest to inspire and educate students about the power of plants.

We recently changed the contest format so that teachers can download the contest materials at any time of the year to host the contest in their classrooms.

Students will think strategically as they imagine, describe, and draw. They combine two plants based on their properties to create an imaginative hybrid plant to solve an issue in their community. The contest gives students the opportunity to see themselves as problem-solvers, learn they can impact their community, and have fun with plants. The more we expose students to plants in different ways, the more likely they are to have a passion for a career working with plants.

Students from middle school to higher education will envision, draw, and describe their own hybrid plant to solve a challenge in their community.

Download the contest planner, entry form, and judging rubric to prep your students for success!

View entry examples here.

If you have questions, email us at [email protected]