Horticulture Careers

"The average citizen can recognize 1,000 brand names and logos but fewer than 10 local plants"

—Paul Hawken, Environmentalist

We need horticulturists…

To fill our tables with food that is safe and nutritious.

Growers to plant our seeds and tend our plants, and plant propagators to generate new plants from seeds, cuttings, and bulbs. Viticulturists to tend our vines and grow our grapes, and enologists to ensure the wine from the grapes is the best it can be. Plant inspectors and diagnosticians to be on the lookout for plant diseases, and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) specialists to control damage by insects and other animals. Food scientists to study food taste, quality, and preservation.


To preserve native habitats and lessen the impact of climate change.

Researchers to study our impact on natural environments. Biologists and botanists to explore our connections with the plants all around us, and arborists to cultivate and care for the trees that clean our air. Natural lands managers to protect and maintain our meadows, woodlands, and wetlands, and urban planners and foresters to bring natural beauty, recreation, and clean water and air to our cities and towns.


To imagine a landscape ...

Landscape architects, designers, and contractors to draw, map, and creatively plan outdoor spaces for homes, towns, and businesses. Interiorscape specialists to create landscape magic indoors. Landscape estimators to figure out how much a project will cost, and irrigation specialists to nourish a landscape with water. Gardeners and garden center workers to grow, tend, and sell all the plants that are needed.


and bring that landscape to life.

Plant propagators to create new plants, and greenhouse growers and nursery workers to grow them to a usable size. Floriculturists to tend flowering plants, and technicians to help with every necessary detail along the way.


To tend the landscapes that welcome us home and invite us outdoors to play.

Landscape maintenance specialists to keep our landscapes healthy and lovely. Groundskeepers to prune and mulch and water below, while arborists trim and tend the trees above. Lawn care specialists to cut and nourish our yards, while sports turf managers keep the fields in play. Irrigation specialists to water our landscapes in sustainable ways.


To soothe and delight with bouquets of flowers and gatherings of greens.

Floriculturists to dream up new varieties of flowers, and greenhouse growers to bring them to life—along with old favorites. Florists to arrange and display their floral designs in grand ways on once-in-a-lifetime days, or to just say hello with the ring of a doorbell and a simple bouquet. Horticultural Therapists to nurture the well-being of our loved ones.


To wonder, to experiment, to know your world.

Horticultural researchers and technicians to study every aspect of plant life, and geneticists to solve the puzzle of a plant's heredity and DNA. Plant pathologists to uncover the cause and treatment of plant diseases, and entomologists to study insects—both pests and friends—who live in our gardens. Olericulturists to grow and process our vegetables, and food scientists to ensure that our harvests are tasty and safe. Educators to teach all ages, from beginners to experts, about gardening and nutrition.


To make the future come to life.

We need you.


Horticulture is universal.

There are many organizations promoting horticultural careers. We have listed a few below. If you know of other efforts to promote careers and jobs in horticulture, please let us know at [email protected]

American Floral Endowment (AFE)

Check out AFE’s floriculture career efforts.


Looking for a job? Check out AmericanHort’s career center

AmericanHort’s HortScholars Program can help you get the position you want.

American Public Gardens Association (APGA)

Visit APGA's Public Gardens Career Center.

American Society for Horticultural Science (ASHS)

ASHS is a source for a broad range of academic, governmental and industry positions.

Center for Growing Talent by PMA

Check out the many programs the Center for Growing Talent by PMA has for careers in the produce industry.